Fernandez Plans uses ESRI's ArcView 9.3 in combination with ArcPress and ESRI's Image Analysis software extensions. Other software programs, which supplement our GIS abilities, include Microsoft Excel for database editing and manipulation.

In addition to basic GIS functions, Fernandez Plans is capable of geo-coding addresses found in any standard database, analysis of aerial photos and satellite images in terms of land use change and land use classification, and image and CAD drawing rectification.

Fernandez Plans is also capable of providing web-based data solutions through ESRI's ArcIMS. Utilizing this package, Fernandez Plans can make project data available for citizens, clients, or sub-consultants to browse using their home or office computer over the Internet.

Data formats which are familiar to the GIS staff of Fernandez Plans include, but are not limited to: standard database files (.dbf and .xls); GIS theme files from other software packages including Atlas Geo files (.agf), MapInfo (.mif) and ArcInfo coverages and ArcInfo export format (.e00, ); image files including JPEG, TIF, GeoTIFF, native USGS DOQQ files, MrSID and ERDAS Imagine files (.img and .gis); and CAD files (.dxf, .dgn, and .dwg).